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Achieving Information Unification With Android

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Image by Harry Wood via Flickr

For years I have read article after article on “Getting Things Done” and other produc­tivity and orga­ni­za­tional strate­gies. Without excep­tion I have found them clever but impos­sible to imple­ment in a way that inte­grates with my life.

You see I want a system that works for me in my personal life, my family life and my work life. I want it to conform to my life, not the other way round and above all else I want a system that doesn’t take more time to main­tain than it saves. It’s just possible that my Droid Eris and the Android oper­ating system has given me what I need.

I used to have an excel­lent memory. I didn’t have to take notes when taught things and I didn’t have to write down reminders or task lists. Two kids and a hectic job have changed that. There are just two many appoint­ments, and tasks that need done every week. I can’t keep them straight in my head any more.

Written task lists are handy, but they don’t actively remind you and they need frequent re-writing. They’re also easy to lose. Elec­tronic task lists in Outlook are great at reminding you about things, but not much use as soon as you move away from your computer.

Enter the Droid Eris. A mobile phone that can sync its Calendar with Google Calendar. Since Google Calendar offers a program to sync with Outlook, I loved being able to keep all my appoint­ments in one place, whether it was the boy’s latest Doctor’s appoint­ment or an impor­tant meeting.

But what about my To Do lists? Android and the cloud came to the rescue again. Using a program called Got To Do on the Eris, I can sync my task list with the ToodleDo task list web service and there’s another program that lets me sync ToodleDo to Outlook Tasks.

It was a nuisance to set up but once in place it requires very little up-keep on my part. All I have to do is remember to update my appoint­ments and tasks as new ones occur. But it doesn’t matter where I do the updating.

I am close to achieving Infor­ma­tion Unifi­ca­tion via the Android plat­form. I think the only element missing. The two most impor­tant elements are in place. Now if I can find a way to sync my notes and my contacts with Outlook and Google too, I’ll have achieved produc­tivity Nirvana.

I can now remove all that clutter from my brain and free it up to work on the impor­tant stuff instead of trying to remember who I was supposed to email about what today or what my Son’s teacher’s name is.

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