Acer's Iconia A110 7" Tablet Less than $200

And hot on the heels of the Nexus Tablet rumors comes more interesting Android Tablet news.

Acer have unveiled their Iconia A110 7" Tablet. Which looks similar to a number of others on the market. But they claim to be targetting a price below $200.

This is what I predicted and have been waiting for since the iPad came out. It   has taken a year or so longer than I anticipated, but Amazon's Kindle Fire was clearly the tipping point.

Oh for those who prefer the 10" size, there is an Iconia A210 though it will no doubt be a bit more expensive.


AcerIconiaTabA110 Acer's Iconia A110 7" Tablet Less than $200

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8 thoughts on “Acer's Iconia A110 7" Tablet Less than $200”

  1. some good stuff happening in the Android Tablet world! not only is the price starting to get right, there are more options in both brands and 7"/10" flavors!

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