About Me

Eoghann Irving is a fortysomething year old hobbiest web developer; database developer; blogger; and father of two.

Currently working as a Subcontracts Administrator at Northrop Grumman, Eoghann was previously Director of Operations at Aero International.  During his time there he gained experience on several different teams. As Director of operations he oversaw day to day operations of the Government & Licensed Business, IT, Quality & Compliance and Warehouse & Shipping  business units.

For more details on Eoghann's work experience, please see his full resume.

Web Developer

In a previous life Eoghann worked as a web developer specializing in database driven web sites. He has also designed and updated static websites on an hourly basis. He currently only maintains his own blog.

Personal Blog

As well as this site Eoghann also maintains a presence on many of the popular social networking sites. See the list in the right hand column.

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