About Me

Eoghann Irving is a fortysome­thing year old hobbiest web devel­oper; data­base devel­oper; blogger; and father of two.

Currently working as a Subcon­tracts Admin­is­trator at Northrop Grumman, Eoghann was previ­ously Director of Oper­a­tions at Aero Inter­na­tional.  During his time there he gained expe­ri­ence on several different teams. As Director of oper­a­tions he oversaw day to day oper­a­tions of the Govern­ment & Licensed Busi­ness, IT, Quality & Compli­ance and Ware­house & Ship­ping  busi­ness units.

For more details on Eoghann’s work expe­ri­ence, please see his full resume.

Web Devel­oper

In a previous life Eoghann worked as a web devel­oper special­izing in data­base driven web sites. He has also designed and updated static websites on an hourly basis. He currently only main­tains his own blog.

Personal Blog

As well as this site Eoghann also main­tains a pres­ence on many of the popular social networking sites. See the list in the right hand column.

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