Who Doesn’t Want To Wear A Predator Mask?

71xJArTuHOL. SL1500  600x600 Who Doesnt Want To Wear A Predator Mask?Particularly one that looks this cool. Not only is it a two piece Predator mask so the helmet/visor portion is actually separate from the Predator “head” but it’s adult size.

I suppose it’s possible you might get the occasional odd look if you wander around wearing this. And certainly you’d have to use ATMs rather than go into banks (or gas stations come to think of it) but it would probably be worth it just to be so cool all the time.

And if the mask isn’t enough you can get hands to go with it! There’s probably additional hours of fun to be had there from scaring your children/significant other.

Admittedly the design is from the Aliens vs. Predator movie (which is clearly substantially inferior to the original movie) but it’s a minor negative all things considered.

Amazon.com – 4149 Predator Deluxe Mask

Amazon.com – Men’s Predator Deluxe Latex Hands


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