Become Your Own Superhero Figure

YouKickAss 600x492 Become Your Own Superhero FigureOkay this is pretty cool. You Kick Ass is a company that has set up the technology to customize figures with a 3D model of someone’s face based off a single photo (better make it a good one). If their example model is anything to go by then the conversion actually works pretty well.

They’re currently running a Kickstarter to get things going and offering several different base models as options. As well as picking from male or female you can select from a variety of different hero types and poses. Then you can personalize it a little further by selecting your hairstyle and hair color. Combine that with your photo and the result is you as a superhero figure.

Now there are some limitations here and the biggest one is that these aren’t articulated or poseable. They are figurines rather than action figures. Which is still cool. But I think it’s an important distinction to make. The other is that except for hair color, the rest of the colors of the costumes seem to be fixed. So the customization options are a little limited.

Hopefully this works much better than it did on Big Bang Theory…

Source: Kickstarter – You Are The Hero With These Custom Action Figures

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