Lucy Griffiths’ Liv Written Out of Constantine

NUP 163641 0922 1024x682 Lucy Griffiths Liv Written Out of ConstantineSo when I watched the pilot of Constantine that leaked onto the internet recently I pegged the character of Liv as played by Lucy Griffiths as one of the weaker elements. Something that I hoped was going to be corrected once the series itself got underway.

Well… in a sense it has, though in a rather more extreme fashion than I anticipated. It seems according to The Hollywood Reporter that Lucy Griffiths is no longer attached to the show and that the character will not be recast. Instead early on they will introduce a female character by the name Zed (another character from the early Constantine comics).

It’s not uncommon for these sorts of changes to happen when going from pilot to full series so it’s a bit early to speculate about any significant changes in the show’s direction. The big question really is whether Zed will be given as central a role as Liv had in the pilot or if Constantine will be made even more likeable in order to support being the audience focal character.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

One thought on “Lucy Griffiths’ Liv Written Out of Constantine

  1. Joe higashi
    July 13, 2014 at 19:36

    didn’t he say “fuck off” on the pilot? that really surprised me as it is a show on regular non cable television.

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