LEGO Star Wars – Darth Malgus Lands On Hoth

11985450615 b6f7b23c43 k 1024x681 LEGO Star Wars   Darth Malgus Lands On HothChristoffer Östberg or East Mountain as he goes by on Flickr produces LEGO imagery that can only be described as beautiful. They’re also wonderfully geeky and Star Wars related which is a bonus.

It’s the attention to detail which puts these photographs over the top though. Sure they’re using some good LEGO Star Wars models, but look at this one for example. The carefully moody lighting with shadows cast. The snow falling. Christoffer has created a real atmosphere with the staging of this shot. Something that tells a story as well as showing off the LEGO models.

Really lovely work and there’s lots more of it.

Source: Flickr – Hoth Darth Malgus

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