LEGO Game Of Thrones – House Stark Sigil

14569135781 3316c8b307 o 1024x679 LEGO Game Of Thrones   House Stark SigilIt’s becoming almost passe to do artistic variations on the sigils of the various houses from Game of Thrones.

But this one is worth bringing to your attention for a few reasons. First of all it’s LEGO and that makes everything cooler. But also it’s extremely well executed as a poster.

The image takes advantage of the three dimensional nature of the Dire Wolf sigil to cast shadows and texture across itself and then emphasizes that further by placing it on a stark black background. Finish that off with carefully crafted text using the “Winter Is Coming” slogan and you have a very striking poster. Its harsh simplicity very much embodies the house which it seeks to represent.

Omar Ovalle has an eye for both LEGO and design in general I think.

Source: Flickr – House Stark

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