First Doctor And TARDIS Electronic Playset

71Y7 2tfFtL. SL1500  727x1024 First Doctor And TARDIS Electronic PlaysetOkay at over $80 it’s really hard to justify purchasing this playset, but it’s still tempting!

For a start the TARDIS model itself is over 8″ in height and it’s accompanied by a 5 1/2″ William Hartnell action figure (yes I really that using the phrase action figure with Hartnell does sound a little strange).

But that’s not all. You can open the doors of the TARDIS and trigger both takeoff and landing light and sound effects. I mean, that’s hours of fun right there!

This actually looks like a surprisingly faithful model for a toy. the TARDIS itself has an aged effect at the bottom (Hartnell’s TARDIS did look beat up) and the 1st Doctor is wearing his hat and scarf and holding his cane. But mainly I just want to have the TARDIS light up and make Vworp vworp noises.

Amazon.com – The First Doctor and Electronic TARDIS

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