Doctor Who Season 8 Trailer

So the BBC have had to deal with not only leaked scripts for the first few episodes of Doctor Who Season 8, but also now a (very poor quality black and white, unfinished) video of the first episode leaking out. Seriously… don’t watch it. I have no problem with spoilers as they are commonly defined these days, but that will absolutely affect your enjoyment of the finished product.

But for those who have steered clear we’ve still seen very little of what Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is actually going to be like. Until now.

With the release of the first full trailer for Doctor Who Season (Series) 8 we get to see and hear the Twelfth Doctor. Not a lot (the trailer is only a minute or so long) but enough to make me feel that all of my hopes for this version are justified.

We get the TARDIS, the Doctor, Clara, Explosions, Daleks, Dinosaurs, Robots, Madam Vastra. A lot of it is stuff that’s already been teased, but the arrangement here certainly suggests a more sombre Doctor than we’ve seen since Christopher Eccleston. Of course trailers can be highly misleading.

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