Cybermen Return For Doctor Who Season 8

BrXqy47IUAAS1cC 600x400 Cybermen Return For Doctor Who Season 8And since the Cybermen seem to once again be visiting present day Earth (if this photo is any indication) it perhaps won’t come as a huge surprise to you that we’ll be seeing UNIT again as well and that as a result Jemma Redgrave will be back playing Kate Stewart as will Ingrid Oliver (Osgood in Day of the Doctor).

The photo here shows the Cybermen in action along with guest actress Michelle Gomez who is playing the alarmingly titled Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere.

No doubt the announcement of the Cybermen will trigger the same round of complaints about “always using the same monsters” that it does every time the Cybermen or Daleks are announced. La la la I can’t hear you!

That’s not a huge amount of news I realize. Mainly I just wanted an excuse to post a Doctor Who photo.

What’s that? I don’t need an excuse? Cool!

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