The Terminator Is 30 Years Old

the terminator a 600x322 The Terminator Is 30 Years Old

Rad 80s fashions!

Well technically it wasn’t released until October 1984, but still… The point here is that I am an an old, old man who thinks about this movie as though it was just released a few years ago. I mean at one point in my youth I had the poster on my bedroom wall.

But anyway, I still think it’s an awesome movie, and I still actually prefer it to T2 (we shall not talk of the other Terminator movies).

And if you don’t have this movie in your collection… well you really need to fix that right now:

You have a choice of formats. I’m just saying… buy it or there will be consequences*. The Terminator

*Look I’m not saying that a humanoid appearing indestructible robot from the future will come and hunt you down. I’m just saying… best not to take any chances. Buy the movie.

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