Sony MicroVault Flash Drive – Grab Files Off Your Phone Even When You’re Not Next To A Computer

61GEju38PgL. SL1500  600x508 Sony MicroVault Flash Drive   Grab Files Off Your Phone Even When Youre Not Next To A ComputerSo here’s a clever idea. It’s a bit of a specialized use case perhaps but I can definitely see it being convenient on occasion. Maybe you have a library of movies (or a really large music library) and you can’t store everything on your phone all the time.  Sure most of the time you can probably just stream the music (maybe the movies) but sometimes you don’t have internet or you’re dealing with data caps.

The Sony MicroVault USB Flash drive is a standard thumb drive (8GBup to 32GB) which a USB 2.0 connector on one end and a micro-USB connector on the other. That means you can plug it into either your computer or your phone.

So you plug it into your computer, load it up with the movies and music and just carry it around with you. Then if you want to access any of the stuff you have stored there you just plug it into your phone and copy the files you want onto your phone.

This is perfect for the growing number of Android phones that don’t have an SD card slot. And of course it also just doubles as a regular thumb drive for carrying files around or having that additional backup copy.

Link: – Sony MicroVault USB Flashdrive For Smartphone

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