Is Nathan Fillion Cosmo In Guardians Of The Galaxy

Cosmo 530x600 Is Nathan Fillion Cosmo In Guardians Of The GalaxyThe internet has been almost hysterical with the news that Nathan Fillion will have a small cameo at the end of this summer’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy movie by Marvel Studios. First he was going to be Nova… and then he wasn’t… then he was going to be almost every Marvel Comics character you’d never heard of.

The level of excitement was (and is) completely disproportionate to the significance of the role. It’s pretty clear what director James Gunn said a small cameo… he meant small. But Fillion’s fans are nothing if not obsessive.

Now over at Scmoes Know they claim to have the answer to this hotly debated question. Of course they also call it a spoiler.. but please.. it’s a freaking cameo!

Basically they believe that Fillion will be voicing (we won’t see him) the part of Cosmo the Russian cosmonaut dog who is the security chief on Knowhere (the giant alien skull floating in space).

This is actually probably the best news I could hear about a Fillion cameo. Most of the speculation has been wildly silly. He was never going to be playing a major character. He’s not signed to a multi-picture deal. This at least could be a funny cameo for a character comics fans are familiar with.

Source: – Nathan Fillion’s Cameo Revealed

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