You’re Fired! The Best Of Mr. McMahon

donald trump shaving vince mcmahon head 07 1024x894 Youre Fired! The Best Of Mr. McMahonHere’s another treat for WWE Network subscribers courtesy of WWE Network Playlists.

This time round it’s a best of compilation of Mr. McMahon from the Royal Rumble in 1999 all the way through to facing off against CM Punk on RAW in 2012.

The transformation of Vince McMahon from rather goofy straight laced play by play announcer (who was not really acknowledged as the owner of the WWF) to heel authority figure Mr. McMahon who would feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin (and then pretty much every other major babyface in the company) was in many ways the turning point for WWE’s fortunes.

It’s also an angle that over time has been painfully over played. But credit where it’s due, McMahon played the role exceptionally well and has been more than willing over the years to make a fool of himself in the process if it will generate a bit more heat for a storyline.

Source: WWE Playlists – The Best of Vince McMahon

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