Doctor Who Fan Art – Past Masters

past masters by paulhanley d5azldm 600x382 Doctor Who Fan Art   Past MastersArtist Paul Hanley has drawn this amazing collage of all the incarnations of The Master from Doctor Who including the classic series, new series, TV movie, Big Finish audio adaptations and Doctor Who comic strips

Those in the front are the Master in canon, while those in paintings have been portrayed as the master but may not actually be canon (for those who care about such things).

From left to right on the paintings we have:

  1. The Master from the Doctor Who Magazine 8th Doctor comic strips THE FALLEN and THE GLORIOUS DEAD;
  2. “Sam Kisgart” as the Master from the Big Finish audio play SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL;
  3. The Basil-Rathbone-esque Master from the 90s “New Adventures” 7th Doctor novels- based on the likeness of Gordon Tipple;
  4. Derek Jacobi as the Master from the BBC webcast THE SCREAM OF THE SHALKA;
  5. Jonathan Pryce from the Steven-Moffat-penned Comic Relief sketch THE CURSE OF FATAL DEATH.

And then in the front row:

  1. Roger Delgado
  2. Peter Pratt
  3. Anthony Ainley
  4. Geoffery Beevers (Melkor Statue)
  5. William Hughes (child)
  6. Eric Roberts
  7. Alex McQueen
  8. Derek Jacobi
  9. John Simm

Source: Deviantart – Past Masters

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