DC Comics Art – The Batman Family

Wow. What an incredible collection of the extended Batman family across the entire DC Multiverse. Pencilled by Nate Stockman and colored by Simon Gough. You’re looking at a distillation of 75 years of Batman stories. We’ve got everyone you could think of in here:

Helena Wayne, Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, Tom Wayne, Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake, Carrie Kelly, Damian Wayne, Robin 1000000, Batman 1000000, Terry McGinnis, Jean-Paul Valley, Batman Junior, Bruce Wayne, Brane Taylor, Sir William the Bat Knight, Batsman, Damian Wayne as Batman, Bat-Girl (Bette Kane), Kingdom Come Batwoman, Misfit, Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), Batgirl (Stephanie Brown), Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Batwoman (Kate Kane), Batwoman (Kathy Kane) and Huntress (Helena Bertinelli)

4ZvttKnG 1806141908211 DC Comics Art   The Batman Family

Boy they just keep coming up with Bat-spinoffs don’t they?

Source: ComicsArtFans – Batman Family

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