A Christmas Special Of Sherlock Is Coming…. In 2015…. Maybe…

sherlock and watson by perselus d7ks13z 405x600 A Christmas Special Of Sherlock Is Coming.... In 2015.... Maybe...That’s definitely a headline that gets worse as it goes a long.

I’ve actually been reading rumors about a one off Christmas Special for Sherlock since the last episode aired. But nothing has ever been announced officially.

And it still hasn’t. But you would think that series star Martin Freeman might have some idea of the plans. And he does seem to think we’ll see a Christmas Special, just not until 2015.

Series show runners Moffat and Gatiss have previously said that they’ve mapped out a season 4 and 5 (in broad strokes) so it sounds like this would just be a stand alone thing, not the beginning of season 4.

Of course, again, nothing has been announced. Which means even if this is the plan now, everything could change in the next 18 months.

Source: Bleeding  Cool – Sherlock Christmas Special in 2015 Says Martin Freeman

Image: Sherlock and Watson by perselus

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