FOX Cancels Almost Human

Almost Human 586x310 e1398886808388 FOX Cancels Almost HumanFile this one under a shame, but not a surprise.

FOX have officially canceled the scifi show Almost Human which starred Karl Urban and Michael Ealy. The cancellation had been expected for some time. Expect to see a lot of people complaining that FOX killed the show by airing episodes out of order and not giving it enough promotion.

Unfortunately while the first of those two things is true and the second one is at least arguable, there’s a cold reality here as well. The show premiered with an audience of 9 million but was down to 6.5 million by the second episode. The last few episodes of the season averaged 5.6 million so the vast bulk of the drop off happened before any episode switching even occurred.

And while I agree that jumbling it up like that hurt some character progression between the leads, the truth is the other characters were incredibly underutilized.

Bottom line, it was an expensive show and not enough people wanted to watch it. There’s no alternate scheduling reality in which this show becomes a hit like Sleepy Hollow did.

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