Devlin and Emmerich Working On Stargate Reboot

stargate 1994 06 g 600x395 Devlin and Emmerich Working On Stargate RebootThere have been mutterings about this possibility pretty much since Stargate: Universe but now it seems that it’s official. Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich are working on a trilogy of movies rebooting the Stargate franchise.

Of course these were the two behind the original movie, but they had no real input into the tv series that spun off from it. The tone of that movie was noticeably more po-faced than say SG-1 but on the other hand it did have James Spader which is a major plus for anything.

This probably won’t make fans of the tv-series (who were clinging on to the hope of it coming back in some form) happy. But Stargate is a 20 year old movie so I’d say it’s ripe for taking the concept and rebooting.

Source: Deadline MGM, Warner Bros Reboot Stargate


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