CW Picks Up Flash Series

flash12f 1 web 361x600 CW Picks Up Flash SeriesOkay this one isn’t exactly a huge surprise given that it got a lead in from the successful Arrow show but nothing is ever guaranteed. Still, The CW has confirmed that they’ve picked up The Flash for a series which Grant Gustin in the role of Barry Allen (The Flash).

They also confirmed they’ve picked up iZombie as well. I remember reading some issues of that comic a few years ago. It had a quirky setup that could work well on tv. It’s about a student who becomes a zombie and takes a job at the morgue so she has a source of human brains to consume. After eating them she gets flashes from their life.

The Supernatural spinoff Bloodlines was not picked up. Which is good, because it stunk to high heaven. Really. For a start it was the most generically CW CW show that the CW has ever put on air. And if that wasn’t bad enough they tried to make out it was a Supernatural spinoff when it didn’t follow the tone or mythos of the originating show.

Apparently The Tomorrow People has also been axed and again… who can blame them? Because that show managed to take a great premise and ruin it with poor acting, terrible plots and not the slightest sign of logic at all.


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