Will We See Chewbacca On Hoth In Star Wars Episode VII?

AA ChewieHothEncounterGiclee Will We See Chewbacca On Hoth In Star Wars Episode VII?I hope not.

However, the rumor is that they are currently doing some second unit shooting for Star Wars: Episode VII in Iceland (so clearly we’re getting snow scenes otherwise why go there) and that at least some of that shooting features Chewbacca and Stormtroopers.

Now, here’s my problem. And you may have heard me moan about this before. Yet again we’re getting a rumor that centers around the original cast and a location from the original trilogy. The new trilogy needs to offer us new things.

At some point after the original trilogy was released Star Wars was reduced from a Galaxy Far, Far Away to… about 4 planets far far away. And it’s been stuck at that ever since. It’s become small. And that is not a good thing. Star Wars was huge. It was epic in scope. Now it’s about one family and a few planets.

Sure maybe this is just a brief flashback or cameo. But there are so many of these old elements now. I’m really concerned isn’t going to crowd out any forward momentum.

I understand they want to appeal to the fans and they need to do a handover, but I haven’t heard a single solid rumor about the new characters, new planets, new storylines. And that’s what Star Wars needs.

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