The Akira Project – Fan Made Live Action Akira Trailer

The Akira Project – Fan Made Live Action Akira Trailer

For almost a decade and a half now there has been talk of a live action Hollywood adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira. A story that can justifiably be called a classic in two mediums (Manga and Anime). That adaptation has been awaited with a mixture of anticipation and dread (particularly with some of the ideas that were leaked). And yet it seems we are no closer to actually seeing such a film.

Adapting Akira is not without it’s problems. While the anime is in many way’s brilliant it’s also only semi-comprehensible as compressing the substantial original story into a two hour running time requires a lot of cutting.

But this fan produced trailer for a live action Akira shows the potential that is there. It’s possible this might be a little too slavish in it’s following of the comics visuals (in the same way Watchmen was) but at the same time it’s quite the highlight reel.

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