Warner Planning Shazam, Metal Men, 100 Bullets and Fables Movies… oh and Justice League

GalleryComics 1900x900 20140219 JUSTL Cv28 52defdef6e9688.66847319 600x284 Warner Planning Shazam, Metal Men, 100 Bullets and Fables Movies... oh and Justice LeagueDid I just bury the lead? No not really because first off I’m sure you’ve already heard that Warner have finally confirmed they’re going to do a Justice League movie after Superman vs. Batman. Considering the cast list for that movie, this is hardly surprising.

I guess it is a little more interesting that the Justice League movie will shoot back to back, so they’re not waiting to see how successful Superman vs. Batman is going to be. But really… do they need to?

More interesting to me though is the non-Justice League movies that they are working on (caution… working on a movie doesn’t mean they’ll ever shoot it never mind release it). Shazam, Metal Men and 100 Bullets could all make for very interesting movies. Fables… well I always saw that more as a tv series, but with the right story that could work too.

These four are not nearly as well known properties but 100 Bullets with it’s crime setting is a natural for a movie and Fables… well it’s an urban fantasy and we know how popular they are.

Shazam and Metal Men are an interesting pair though. A character (formerly Captain Marvel) who’s really never worked since he left the 1960s (he’s as powerful as and even blander than Superman) but who people never the less have a fondness for and a group of robots with artificial intelligence and severe personality disorders.

Actually I really want to see a Metal Men movie!

Source: Wall Street Journal

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