SyFy Commissions 12 Monkeys Pilot Episode


syfy adapting 12 monkeys for television 600x337 SyFy Commissions 12 Monkeys Pilot EpisodeDeadline is reporting that SyFy has given a pilot order to 12 Monkeys, a drama series inspired by the movie of the same name (which starred Bruce Willis and was directed by Terry Gilliam).

It will be a 60 minute pilot  based on the script written by Terry Matalas (Star Trek: Enterprise, Terra Nova, Nikita) and Travis Fickett (Terra Nova, Nikita). The story seems to be the same in that a person from the future comes to the present with a mission to stop a deadly plague that practically wipes out the human race. Filming is scheduled for November 2014

Of course a pilot doesn’t guarantee a series, but this is the second pilot that SyFy has ordered recently, the other one being Dominion which is based on the recent movie Legion. That, on top of their recent announcement of a new mini-series to air this Christmas season.  There’s clearly a push right now to reinvigorate their scripted drama with new material.

The script writers in question don’t have anything stand out in their resumes but given the way television works, I don’t put too much weight on that. The source materials is very strong. 12 Monkeys is a great movie.


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