Star Wars Fan Art – Luke and Slave Leia… Minion Style

1472087 1501763576718134 4318702618357112508 n 600x600 Star Wars Fan Art   Luke and Slave Leia... Minion StyleSlave Leia is the gift that keeps on giving to scifi fandom. This bit of art by DJKopet is a nice twist on the usual theme though giving us a thoroughly minionized (new word, I claim copyright and trademark and everything else!) version of Luke Skywalker and Leia.

I like that it’s not just the way they look that takes from Despicable Me, but also the way they are acting.

I see Boba Fett in the background. I wonder how he will manage to screw up this attempt at being a bounty hunter?

Source: Facebook DJKopet


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