The Secret Villain In Guardians Of The Galaxy Sounds Awful Like…..(mumble) (mumble)

Guardians of the galaxy 600x261 The Secret Villain In Guardians Of The Galaxy Sounds Awful Like.....(mumble) (mumble)So Business Week posted this article about Kevin Feige and James Gunn which had this snippet on their editing of the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy movie that talks about the movie’s villain. Something that Marvel has avoided talking about up to now.

The snippet itself could be a spoiler for the villains identity or at least spoilerish depending on your knowledge of the Marvel cosmic universe. I’m not going to name names, just incase you really consider this a spoiler, but I think it’s fairly obvious.

Gunn freezes a frame of an imposing-looking villain any serious comic book fan would recognize instantly. He sits on a rocket-powered throne. Feige sees something on the screen that he doesn’t like. The evildoer needs to be farther away in the frame so he looks more imperious, he says.

Later on they talk about replacing those rockets with anti-gravity disks.

Now let’s think about this. What major cosmic villain might sit on a flying throne? And might we have possibly seen a teaser for before?

Is this really that big a secret? I mean given the ongoing plot with the infinity gems cough stones isn’t it pretty clear where we are going here?

Source: Business Week

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