Are You Ready For A New Flash Gordon Movie?

Annex Crabbe Buster Flash Gordon 03 Are You Ready For A New Flash Gordon Movie?There have been several attempts over the decades to bring Flash Gordon to life. The old Buster Crabbe cliffhanger serials are fun and capture the feel of the comic strip, but they are very, very (very, very, very) dated at this point. And of course there’s the classic 80’s movie that’s so camp it’s spectacular.

Other than that though the story of Flash Gordon on tv or in the cinema is pretty sad. The animated version was… nothing to talk about and we absolutely will not talk about SyFy’s horrendous reimagining.

It seems though that another attempt is underway courtesy of Bad Robot. Specifically JD Payne and Patrick McKay who are also writing the script for Star Trek 3 have put together what I guess would be termed a treatment and are currently trying to get a studio deal for a Flash Gordon movie. It seems the two are looking to move away from the overly campy modern perception of Gordon and back closer to the comic strip in tone.

Color me curious.

Source: FilmDivider

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