Curious About Extant? This Teaser Clip Will Tell You Nothing…

So Extant stars Halle Berry which is a big name for tv and it will air on CBS starting in July… which is a really odd time to premier this sort of thing on Network TV. But CBS must have seen something they like because they ordered 13 episodes without bothering with a pilot.

Berry plays a female astronaut who returns home to her family after a year in outer space. She tries to resume a normal life with her family consisting of her husband, John, a gifted scientist, and Ethan, their son, a boy like no the other. He is not their biological son as Molly is infertile. Ethan was designed by his father as the first prototype of a future line of “Humanichs”, “human robots”. But the return of Molly will have dramatic consequences for the entire planet and the fate of mankind.

Which is a pretty interesting starting point if you ask me. How much of that do you get from this teaser clip?

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