What Do We Know About The Constantine Pilot?

constantine 400x600 What Do We Know About The Constantine Pilot?

Website claim to have read the script to the pilot episode of NBC’s Constantine and they’ve published a few teaser facts about it.

Some might consider this spoiler territory, but I don’t because they really only address the earliest elements of the plot and the characters. It’s the sort of thing you get in episode synopsis all the time.

It seems the show (or at least the pilot) will be set in New York, but Constantine himself will be British. He does wear his trench coat and he is a smart arse. So far so good.

Other characters include Manny, an Angel, Liv Parson’s (whose father knew John), Papa Midnite, a man who can dream the future and Chaz, Constantine’s driver.

The trick with this show is going to be keeping the special something that makes John Constantine who he is so that it doesn’t devolve into generic Urban Fantasy/Supernatural ripoff territory.


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