Bundle of Holding

Check Out The Bundle Of Holding For DRM Free RPGs At A Bargain Rate

There’s still a couple of days (offer ends April 28th) to get in on the current Bundle of Holding offering. If you’re at all interesting in roleplaying games, particularly the more story drive ones then this is well worth a look. For those unfamiliar it’s a package deal. For $7.95 you get the core offerings which this time round are:

  • Bundle of Holding 474x600 Check Out The Bundle Of Holding For DRM Free RPGs At A Bargain RateThe Agency (retail $10): Matt Machell casts you as stylish London superspies in the Swinging ’60s battling sinister supernatural forces.
  • Annalise (retail price $10): Nathan Paoletta’s Gothic story engine about a Vampire — literal or metaphorical — around whom your characters develop.
  • Dust Devils (retail $10): Matt Snyder’s acclaimed Old West game of frontier people driven by dark pasts.
  • God-King (retail $10): A beautifully presented storygame by Daniel Cruz Chan of five explorers seeking Otugari, the lost continent.
  • Mars Colony (retail $6): Tim Koppang’s two-player political struggle for the salvation of an isolated planetary outpost.

 And if you pay above the average (right now about $20) then you got a whole bunch of bonus material:

  • 3:16 – Carnage Amongst the Stars (retail $10): Gregor Hutton’s high-octane SFRPG of Space Troopers rendering the cosmos safe for humanity.
  • Dog Eat Dog (retail $10): Last year’s Diana Jones Award-nominated RPG by Liam Liwanag Burke that examines colonial domination.
  • Heroine (retail $8): Josh T. Jordan’s storytelling game of a young girl and her companions facing heroic challenges in another world.
  • The Ladykillers: A previously unpublished RPG of dark afterlife vengeance by Matt (Dust Devils) Snyder. The Ladykillers appears here in final form for the first time anywhere.
  • Our Last Best Hope (retail $10): Mark Diaz Truman’s roll-your-own disaster-movie simulator, popular on Kickstarter.
  • The Play’s the Thing: Shakespearean actors rewrite the Bard’s tales to suit themselves. By Mark Diaz Truman (Our Last Best Hope).
  • Sorcerer (Annotated Upgrade) (retail $25): Another Kickstarter success, this is the fully annotated version of the pioneering indie story game by Ron Edwards of demons and their ambitious summoners.
  • NEW! Best Friends: An engagingly horrific little game of girlfriends and their petty hatreds by Gregor Hutton (3:16).

That is a huge amount of RPG material all provided in DRM free PDF format for you to enjoy. I do rather wish they’d offer ePUB versions as well but I get that that adds significantly to the complexity.


Source: Bundle of Holding.

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