Admit It. You’d Watch A CapWolf Movie Wouldn’t You?

captain america 406 463x600 Admit It. Youd Watch A CapWolf Movie Wouldnt You?So I was reading an article on Dorkly about some of Marvel’s worst stories and there are some really bad ones. But one of them is CapWolf.

For those unfamiliar this is a six part storyline towards the end of writer Mark Gruenwald’s generally good ten year run on Captain America. In this story Cap is turned into a werewolf and pretty much every other vaguely wolf-like character Marvel has is dragged into it.

Yeah, it’s not in any way a good story.

But… be honest… if this was a SyFy Original movie… you’d watch it wouldn’t you?

Source: Dorkly – 5 Insane Marvel Comics Storylines That Would Make Terrible Movies

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