Would You Watch Bradley Cooper As Indiana Jones?

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Latino Review has a rumor (and their hit rate on rumors is wildly inconsistent) that Disney who of course picked up the rights to Indiana Jones as well as Star Wars are at least nosing at a plan to re-cast the iconic role.

It sounds like that’s still their second choice and they’d prefer to do one more movie with Harrison Ford but I’m actually thinking it would really be better to re-cast at this point. Ford is a bit old to seem credible in a high action role after all.

So the rumor goes that there is a date (unknown) after which if Ford is not in place for Indiana Jones 5, they recast and move forward. And right now Bradley Cooper is the name at the top of the recasting list. To be clear, we’re not talking about a reboot, just a James Bond style recasting of the role.

While it’s a risky move for Indiana Jones given how long that part has been associated with one man, I think it pretty much has to happen if they want to rejuvenate the franchise.

Of course they still need a decent script…

SourceLatino Review

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