Does This Mean We Could Get A Decent Smurfs Movie?

The two live action Smurfs movies have been just painfully bad. Come to think of it are there any examples of mixing animation and live action that aren’t bad since say Roger Rabbit?

the smurfs 2011 movie wide 600x375 Does This Mean We Could Get A Decent Smurfs Movie?

So it’s got to be good news that Deadline are reporting that despite generating some substantial money from their Smurfs movies they aren’t going to go with The Smurfs 3, but instead will do a reboot. Even better it will be all animated and have a new design.

While the credits of the people tapped to do this aren’t precisely top notch at least Shrek 2 and Gnomeo and Juliet were enjoyable to watch. Which is a vast improvement on eye gougingly painful.

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