Blake’s 7 Fan Film – Blake’s Legend

blakes 7 fan film blakes legend Blakes 7 Fan Film   Blakes LegendHow has this escaped my notice for so long? This is a remarkably professional fan film that intertwines the new plot with scenes from the final episode of Blake’s 7. Apparently a second episode is being edited for release soon.

The raw footage is some 15 years old and has suffered because of it. But, ironically, that actually makes it fit in better with the old TV material. Acting, special effects and editing are solid to above average. In fact most of the new acting is better than Paul Darrow’s spectacularly hammy performance for Avon’s final moments in the season finale.

It even features a voice performance from Peter Tuddenham playing Orac and Zen again.

There have been rumors of a Blake’s 7 resurrection for years now. There was even talk of a movie just this year. But nothing ever seems to come of the rumors so I don’t pay much attention to them any more. Although there was a very good audio version a few years back.

I do think that that it’s a show whose themes and tone actually fit remarkably well with modern tv so I personally would love to see a rebooted show (free from the original’s continuity).

Unfortunately embedding has been disabled so I can’t show the video here, just link to Youtube:

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