Is Amazon Eyeing ComiXology?

comics by comixology logo black text 553x600 Is Amazon Eyeing ComiXology?

File this one firmly in the rumor bin. But it is interesting.

ComiXology have enjoyed a defacto monopoly on delivery digital comics for a little while now.  They are not literally the only digital distributor (Dark Horse sells their own, Image comics offer theirs direct as well as on ComiXology and of course Amazon sell graphic novels digitally) but the fact you can get 90% of your digital comics in a single location makes them the nominal 800 pound gorilla.

Bleeding Cool is reporting a rumor that ComiXology could be sold to a new owner within the next 2 months. Where the rumor gets even sketchier is the potential buyer… Amazon.

On paper this makes a lot of sense for Amazon. It fits their expansion model pretty well and they already sell graphic novels digitally, so why not the monthly issues as well. Basically it would be similar to what they’ve done with Audible I guess.

One obvious downside that people are bound to mention is that it would take a nominal 800 gorilla and turn them into the genuine article. I personally have only had excellent experiences with Amazon but the scope of the companies (ever growing) reach is disturbing to some.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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